How It Works

Is your clinic staffed with only or mostly mid-level healthcare workers (nurses, physician assistants)? Do you want greater GP oversight so your workers can treat more ailments, improve their medical skills, and/or meet regulatory requirements? With our ConnectMed Enterprise service, your workers can consult GPs over video when they need it most.

Choose a Care Plan

Choose available hours when workers can consult GPs either while seeing patients or reviewing patient cases retroactively.

Choose doctor usage rate, ranging from unlimited to only 1 GP that can be accessed at a given time.

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Pay a set monthly fee per clinic after that, based on your plan settings and clinic volumes.

Get cheaper & more convenient GP support than possible anywhere else.

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Increase the ailments your clinic can diagnose & treat.

Improve your workers' medical skills through more GP interaction.

Adhere to regulations often requiring GP oversight.

What Our Clinic Customers Say

Our Advanced & Robust Telehealth Platform

Mobile & Desktop

Platform works on all mobile & desktop devices within Chrome & Firefox browsers.

Only 3G Network Needed

Video consultations are possible with only 300 kbps network speeds & voice-only with 50 kbps.

Video, Voice, & Text

Workers can speak with GPs over video, voice-only, and live chat, as desired.

Full Encryption

The video stream is completely encrypted as well as our database, meeting the highest health data standards.

EHR System Integration

We can take care of integration between the CM platform & your current EHR system.

For Clinic Admin & Worker

There are separate dashboards and log-ins for clinic workers and clinic administrators.

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Not in Kenya? No problem! Our doctors can consult with workers in most Sub-Saharan African countries.